Our first group visit to East Harlem

Amazing work – any updates?

Greening The Gap

On September 13th, we visited the East Harlem study area for the first time as a group. We were introduced to the neighborhood’s streets and green spaces by staff of the non-profit organization Trees New York, and met with different members of the community. What follows is a description of our visit and first impressions of the neighborhood.


1. P.S. 96 Tree Garden

Our first stop was P.S. 96 on East 120th Street at Third Ave. Standing in front of the school we admired the work of Trees New York and their volunteers. A once empty and gloomy sidewalk and building façade now flourish with a row of street trees and a mini garden. Standing in the shade of the trees we had the opportunity to learn more about the mission of TreesNY from Cheryl Blaylock, their Director of Youth Programs, and how important public participation is for the…

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