Sure We Can!

Sure We Can,a community-based recycling center and sustainability hub in Brooklyn’s rapidly gentrifying Bushwick neighborhood, is launching the #60MillionCans campaign to secure its future. The support raised through this #60MillionCans campaign will help Sure We Can secure its location and improve its operations.

To take part or learn more, contact Sure We Can at or here:

Sure We Can started as a redemption center working to foster social inclusion of canners, the people who roam the streets of New York collecting discarded bottles and cans, and returning them to recycling centers for the 5cent deposit. Sure We Can creates an atmosphere of trust, respect and participation in the community, supporting the recycling of valuable materials while educating about the importance of recycling, dignifying the work while creating opportunities for the community. At SWC, people from all walks of life are welcome under the principle that everyone has something valuable to contribute.



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