Hunters Point South

Deep Dive into the Hunters Point South Project
Friday October 16, 2015 5:30 pm-8:00 pm
Archtober Hall @
159 John Street, South Street Seaport

The Harbor and The Hudson Class Blog

Hunters Point South is the future site of the largest affordable housing project since the 1970’s. The proposals for development include up to 5000 housing units, parks, bike lanes, beaches, a high school, retail space, a kayak launch and much more. The full plan can be seen here: Plans

The total area that is proposed for all this development is 30 acres of water front land, that is bordered by the East River and New Town Creek. This past Friday the 17th of September, many construction companies bid for the large scale project, which will be highly subsidized by the city, because of the plans to designate 60% of the housing for low-middle income families. The construction is to take place in two stages, but there is still no estimate for the final date of completion.
This project is intended to stimulate the economy in the area, and among other…

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