Particpatory Budgeting + Tactical Urbanism = Participatory Urbanism


Can participatory urbanism — linking moves toward citizen involvement via participatory budgeting and other innovations — improve how cities adapt to climate change as well as other ongoing socioeconomic pressures?  By transposing these two seminars  I propose that Jane Jacobs’ dreams may come true, thanks to the urgency of rising tides and other urban concerns.

A pair of thoughtful panels discuss the issues, slowly but thoroughly. First, Mike Lydon and friends show how low-cost creative projects, such as pop-ups parks and open street initiatives, are the essence of the tactical urbanism movement. From guerilla wayfinding signs in Raleigh, to pavement transformed into parks in San Francisco, to a street art campaign leading to a new streetcar line in El Paso, demonstrate the breadth and scalability of tactical urbanism interventions.

@ Vimeo:

and then the Royal Society and William Solecki of CUNY and IPCC discuss flexible adaptation pathways (the panel was yesterday, video is due any minute!) at:

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