The new New Urbanism: Fast, nimble, flexible, and tactical

The New New Urbanism, coming to Buffalo this summer


Urban Project LodgeCreating the new New Urbanism, on the street in Madison, with plenty of beer.Photo: Aurash KhawarzadLast week, the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) held its 19th annual meeting in Madison, Wisc. You may not have heard of the CNU, but you have almost certainly seen its influence in American development. The movement — which actually kicked off 30 years ago in Seaside, Fla., the town that later served as a set for The Truman Show — isn’t so new anymore. Its ideals of density and walkability, with their attendant environmental benefits, have been absorbed into the planning practices of many municipalities around the country. The New Urbanism has, in many ways, become an old-school orthodoxy.

Still, there were a lot of young people at the conference — planners, architects, engineers — who are excited about taking urbanism forward. Members of the CNU NextGen group could often…

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