Sea Change — NYC after Sandy

Sea Change — NYC after Sandy

Monday, September 30th 2013:  New York City Conference

As extreme weather events increase in frequency, so too does concern about the resilience of our cities and the buildings we inhabit. Through our work leading the Building Resiliency Task Force, we’ve noticed a shift in the approach to sustainable buildings, one that more frequently includes resilience.  It’s a change that could strengthen the relationship between sustainable strategies and resilience measures or expose contradictions between the two.  As the building industry prepares to meet the challenges of a changing climate – rising sea levels, increased precipitation and drought, more frequent and intense storms, and higher temperatures – we ask, how do we maintain our efforts to mitigate climate change while simultaneously responding to its inevitable consequences?


  1. roadtripjamie

    I went, and it was very informative and very interesting. We heard case studies from leaders around the world (New Orleans, Copenhagen… plus post-tsunami Japan via Architecture for Humanity).

    The NYC portion was also excellent — I hope our next mayor takes civic design as seriously as Bloomberg has.

    Claire Weisz for planning czar, please!

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